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Wall Street Journal Highlights A Far Site Better Technology

The Wall Street Journal features A Far Site Better's Ajax Technology called “The Dressing Room” as a positive example of how new technologies can boost online sales.

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Internet Retailer Magazine features A Far Site Better's Ajax Technologies

Ajax, the rich Internet application is spiffing up retail web sites and enhancing the shopper experience. Here a number of our initiatives for Rampage.com which has led to a 30% increase in sales are featured.

realZOOM Technology Catapults Boutique Web Design Firm Into National Eye

"Even I was impressed when I read that there is a new technology that allows users to zoom in on pictures that are posted to a Web site" writes Matt Hartley.

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Insurance for Bidding on Online Auctions

This article, about our client buySAFE, was written on the day of the company's launch. Not only did we design the website, we also developed, implemented and integrated significant underlying technologies for this leading-edge business.

In every fear lurks an insurance opportunity, even online. A small start-up company and the giant Hartford Financial Services Group plan to roll out a buyer protection plan today that is meant to instill confidence in shoppers on eBay - the Web auction site that does a booming business but engenders such a fear of fraud that an estimated 8 of every 10 online shoppers steer clear of it.

Customer privacy lockdown - E-biz pushes to shield customer data.

No way, no how. not for love nor money. Not for rent, not for sharing, not for sale. Customer data collected by online bike shop Supergo.com is safer than a ten-speed locked tight to a parking meter, and as far as site developer Steven Laff is concerned, it is not going anywhere.

Giving Consumers Access to Personal Data

When the online privacy debate reached its peak earlier this year, the watchwords were "notice" and "choice." Consumer groups demanded that online advertising companies like DoubleClick give consumers more notice when tracking their behavior, and give them the choice to avoid such tracking.

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Get Personal With Web Marketing

Ecommerce companies have begun to realize that luring eyeballs to a Web site isn't the same as attracting customers. That's why Be Free Inc., a Web affiliate marketing vendor, this week is rolling out a product to help companies analyze customer data, then personalize content and marketing for prospective buyers.

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Selling the Psyche: Market shrinks use a variety of tools and methods to measure customer behavior

It's been a tough 12 months for e-tailers, but that's not to say customers aren't spending money online. They are--in droves. Online retail sales are expected to reach $65 million this year, an increase of 45 percent over 2000, according to a Shop.org study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group.

The Hands-Off Approach

How are e-businesses responding to this growing demand for privacy? Some, such as Supergo and Expedia, are bending over backward to clarify their privacy policies and revamp technology to minimize potential for privacy breaches.

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Getting Personal -- How online personalization techniques are helping companies.

Since those early algorithms began telling us what we might like to buy based on our past shopping habits, personalization has become a must for companies doing business on the Web. As Mae West once said, "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." For many e-companies today, this is also true of personalization.

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Supergo Email Management Solution Case Study

After suffering through five other email marketing companies, Supergo Bike Shops wanted a hassle-free, easy-to-use system with which they could send HTML emails and track the net profit of their campaigns.

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